Unlikely Partners in Life by David Gutierrez

The anti-abortion pro-life activism have traditionally been people of faith that uphold life in such regard as to give the authority of taking such lives to only one entity and that is God.  As a Christians our disdain for the abortion practices come from a biblical base anthropology that teaches that all life is sacred and that we are all made in the image of our God.  Such realization compels us to obey one of the most basic tenants of our faith, ” thou shalt not murder” (Exodus 20:13).

This biblical principles among others have guided our lives and have given us the pro-life position that we now hold.  But in recent year we have seen a surge in the number of individuals, groups and associations that have join the pro-life movement in the US and around the world.  This new found allies in the fight for the sanctity of life is coming from the most unlikely of sources.

Atheist are now a growing member in the pro-life movement.  Over the years we have seen them join the Walk for life both in DC and most recently in the San Francisco California.  As people of faith and no faith join together to support change in our laws to protect the lives of the unborn.  But how and why are atheist deciding to join forces with religious groups.  Why have the shift in recent years from a pro-abortion to a pro-life stance?  Who has been spear heading these amazing synergism of such philosophical oppose groups?  And what are the next steps to be taken in this new-found coalition to protect the life of the unborn.

The atheistic pro-life stand is a philosophic position based on scientific knowledge join together with a humanistic philosophy that leads to the conclusion that a potential human being is conceived when a Zygote is made, ( the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. )  and it would be immoral as humanist to end the life of a potential human being.  In a atheist\humanistic world view the right of the potential human to exist trumps the rights of the progenitor to exerciser his or her will to eliminate that potential human under any/ most circumstances.

These ideas have been really popular with in the atheistic humanist world view by the late atheist philosopher Christopher Hitchens.  Mr Hitchens have said in public and has agree with theist during debates, that he believes that the term “unborn child” is “not a propaganda term” and that the unborn child “has right on its side.”  This conviction is, he says, bolstered by “every recent advance in medicine and embryology” which are forever pushing back the date of viability.  He continues on to say in a moderated debate against Dr William Lane Craig that ” an unborn child is not the same thing as appendix of the human body as many of my progressive liberal brethren would have us believe.”  Hitchens correctly defined the unborn child as something wholly other apart from the mother that host it.  A fetus in uterus is not the same thing as any other type of cell.  Hitchens statements implies that terminating the life of a fetus in uterus is not akin to scratching your arm and terminating the life of cells that reside in the outer epidermis.

What then Should we as believers embrace these new-found allies in the civil battle for the rights of the unborn?  Should we, can we take our differences to one side and work hand in hand in this what seem to be the unified goal to protect the life of those that can’t protect it?  I say yes!  We can’t fall victim to our own human dogmatic stands.  The church must be set apart from the world but when the church leads the way and actually helps influence change in our society by standing up for biblical principles. Moreover when those biblical principles are recognized by unbelievers to our faith to be moral and true we should encourage it and leverage it not for our own benefit but for the glory of the truth of God and the benefit of the potentials lives that can be and will be saved.

Remember Jesus eat and interacted with sinners but the result of those interaction was an impact that change the heart of many and serve as a conduit for repentance and true transformation of many by the grace of God.

David Gutierrez Is the Director of aboveall.name.
He has a BTh in Theology from The metropolitan School of Theology. David has a heart for apologetics and pastoral ministry.
Twitter: @dvid85
Email:   david@aboveall.name


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