Molly Anne Dutton: Advocating for Life

A little over Twenty Two Years ago a devastating crime was committed against a woman.  She was the victim of a sexual assault, a crime that occurs far too often and leaves unspeakable pain in the heart of the victim. Not only was this woman left with the pain and memory of these events but she soon learned that she was pregnant that the crime committed against her had resulted in the creation of a child.

She ultimately decided she would not terminate the baby, in-spite of the circumstances that surround the baby’s conception story.   Her husband didn’t understand this, he didn’t want her to keep the child for many reasons, so when she refused to abort the baby, he asked for a divorce and left her.

Twenty Two Years later, on the third week of October 2013, Molly Anne Dutton is named Auburn’s 100th Homecoming Queen and stands as an advocate for adoption and resources for pregnant mothers.  Molly is the child of the woman who was raped 22 years earlier.  Her biological mother refused to deny her life, in-spite of everything surrounding the child’s conception story.  The victim of the sexual assault, the divorced mother, nurtured and cared for Molly for the term of a full pregnancy before putting her up for adoption through Life Line Children Services in Alabama.

Today, Molly is an advocate for adoption and uniting infants with families who can care for them.  She shares her story in the hopes of inspiring others to help pregnant mother’s  who may be in need of help, guidance and resources.  She is passionately Pro-Life and happy to stand in the gap for those lives who cannot speak up for themselves, yet.  Molly works with the organization that her biological mother used to place her up for adoption, Life Line Children Services.

Molly’s story is an example of how precious life is no matter the circumstance.  We’re so happy Molly’s birth mother did not deny Molly life! We are now all able to share in the joy and promise of this young woman’s life and bright future.

Homecoming Queen II

For more on Molly’s story follow the link:


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