To Pro-Life Advocates

In order to be Pro-life a person needs not only to have a strong conviction for the value of every life, but a deep and rooted love for all humanity, unborn and born.

Love is a foundation that cannot be overlooked or absent when advocating Anti-abortion issues and legislation.  Love is vital to our argument and our strategy in avocation for the value of every life.

I feel compelled to write this because in our quest to abolish abortion we must never neglect or abuse the mothers and families who choose to stand on the other side of our belief, that abortion is morally and intrinsically wrong. We mustn’t stand our ground with one foot kicking violently toward our disagreeing peers.  I believe it is the responsibility of all pro-life advocates, male or female, young or older, religious or non-religious to love all life and not contradict one’s self by arguing against abortion while shaming or blasting those who are for it.

Here at Pro-life we stand boldly against abortion and do indeed see abortion as the murdering of a defenseless human being. However, we recognize that stance is not held by everyone and that those who disagree are often as good intention as we believe we are.  We mustn’t shame women and advocates of pro-choice because if we do we lack love.  If we lack love, we lack compassion and then we have lost focus of what it is that we stand for.  We are to uphold life and it’s value at every stage, and shaming other does not do that.

I write all of this to send out a clear message, directly to my Pro-life peers, in hopes that we will all remember love and place it at the forefront of why we fight for this cause.  And so that we might analyze our tactics and strategies in fighting the abortion battle in America and around the world.  The message is simple to be Pro-life you have to have love.

Pro-Life Contributor,
Kassandra O.

Woman Silouhette



2 thoughts on “To Pro-Life Advocates

  1. Thank you for this. I share your stance that to be pro-life is distinct from being anti-abortion. To be anti-abortion seems like a matter of personal preference — you simply don’t want abortions being done, with no real regard for the mother, the child post-birth, etc. To be pro-life is a life-giving, life-sustaining ideology. It must lead to a love of the unborn, and the championing of the right to life among the disabled, convicts, vegetative patients, etc.

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