Christian Companies Want to Own Your Body via | 2014

A pro-choice opinion piece published on  We disagree with the writer’s views but believe the arguments voiced in the piece are one’s pro-lifers should think about when addressing those who believe women’s reproductive rights are being controlled or limited unjustly.


If the birth control methods used by the owners of Hobby Lobby ever fail them, and they realize that they may become pregnant, and know themselves to be unable to carry their baby to full term, they are free, based upon their moral convictions, to choose to suffer through their pregnancy and deliver the premature stillborn baby that they and their doctor knew they would. If the owners of Hobby Lobby are forcibly raped, and choose to be impregnated by their rapist rather than use a morning-after pill to prevent that occurrence, that again is their right. What neither Hobby Lobby nor any other employer has the right to do is in any way interfere with the medical treatment, medical decisions or reproductive rights of their employees.

Founder, NALT Christians Project


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