Back At It

We want to thank all of our faithful followers here on WordPress and beyond.  Your continual support has been such an encouragement.  We are proud to know that there are so many Pro-life people out there who are consistent in remaining informed and informing others about this very serious issue.  We are also very grateful for the Pro-Choicers who are open and willing to engage in the conversations proposed by Pro-lifer’s like ourselves.  We love that people with different beliefs on this issue can co-exist, discuss and debate while excluding hatred and intolerance.

Our blog hasn’t been active for a few months as we have reassessed our approach to the Pro-life movement we believe in so passionately. So many wonderful milestones have been reached in recent months and it is making it more apparent then ever what a Pro-life generation we are.  We are happy to announce that our blog will be posting and sharing news, resources and information on the Pro-life movement and abortion cases once again. We wish to be a resource for those looking to inform themselves on this issue and we hope to inspire others to think about what abortion really is at its core.

Thank you for following our blog but above all thank you for choosing to not be ignorant on the issue of abortion.


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