About Us

ProLife is a page dedicated to passionately sharing a love for the unborn that are at risk of being aborted.

We love to promote the importance of life no matter at what stage.

We find it imperative  to stand up for the rights of every embryo, fetus and infant in the womb who’s opportunity to experience life and love is challenged by rationalized abortion.

We see abortion as a clear defeat to the human experience of an unborn child, who should always have the right to be born.

We encourage women to embrace motherhood as a calling and a gift that they are strong enough to handle and bestow.

We encourage women who feel motherhood is not something they are ready for or willing to undertake, to place their child up for adoption in order to give the child an opportunity to live life with a family and parental nurturing, no matter the orientation, culture, religion or birthplace of said family.

We respect and love those who differ in their ideas on abortion and we welcome conversations on this topic.

We hope to befriend Pro-Life and Pro-Choice people through this website and with all sincerity do hope to convince Pro-Choice followers of the authenticity of our Pro-Life efforts.  However, this is secondary to our primary goal of spreading the word that Life matters, no matter what.



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