Pro Life Quotes

“If any human life, however frail, however incapable of retaliation, is entrusted to us shall we nourish and cherish it, or may we–by some enormously civilized and educated rationalization–convince ourselves either that it is not a person, or that, although it is a person, its life is not worth living, and that therefore what we do with it is a matter of individual choice?”

-Elisabeth Elliot

Other legislation has defined the fetus as a person under fetal homicide or “feticide” laws.  Such legislation is hotly debated under names such as the Fetal Protection Act, the Preborn Victims of Violence Act and the Unborn Victim of Violence Act.  Those supporting these acts, often pro-life advocates, say that both the lives of the pregnant woman and the fetus should be explicitly protected.  They assert that fetal homicide laws justly criminalize these cases and provide an opportunity to protect unborn children and their mothers.Those on the other side feel that laws to protect a fetus could become a “slippery slope” that could jeopardize a woman’s right to choose an abortion.  Pro-choice advocates say such laws grant a fetus legal status distinct from the pregnant woman – possibly creating an adversarial relationship between a woman and her baby.  They are also concerned that the laws could be interpreted to apply to a woman’s behavior during her pregnancy (such as smoking, drinking or using drugs).  They prefer criminalizing an assault on a pregnant woman and recognizing her as the only victim.

Fetal Homicide Laws,

Isn’t life the better choice?                                                                                                                                          Jim Daly,


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