Why Pro-Life?

The Heart Beat    From Embryo to fetus and from fetus to infant, we believe there is no doubt that at conception a life has begun to form in the womb of a woman.  This life has an inalienable right to live and that right is not contingent on whether the mother or anyone involved wants the child or not.  Every life matters. The life matters no matter how young, no matter how unwanted, no matter the circumstances of conception, the race, the gender, their economic status, their history or the life expectancy or quality of life.   We believe in the right to exist.

The Circumstances    If a pregnancy is the result of a rape crime, an incest relationship or any consensual sexual relationship, terminating the pregnancy at any stage (embryo, fetus or infant) is wrong, since the life that has begun as a result of these relations is not in any way responsible and should not be denied the right to exist for any reason.  We believe that any sexual assault on a woman is rightfully punishable by law and that all victims should be treated with love, care and understanding.  The sexual assault of any individual is abhorrent and inexcusable, no matter what part of the world it takes place. However, should a pregnancy result from a crime, this young life is very much innocent, very much unaware, and still very much from the mother’s very own DNA.

Should a mother decide she does not want the child, the child should not be denied the right to be born, but should be surrendered to an agency or organization that will find a family that will provide it with the nurturing  and love it deserves, once it has been born.  If a doctor determines that the birth of a child will result in the death or the mother than that decision is left to the mother and is not the same as aborting a child because it is unwanted or deemed unhealthy. Some couples choose to abort a pregnancy if it is determined by their medical practitioner(s) that the child will be born with a disability, deformity or illness  and his/her quality of life will not be as high as a healthy baby. We do not believe this is a justifiable reason to terminate a life/lives, because again the child’s right to live is his or her own, and a disability, deformity, illness is not a reason to deny it the opportunity to be loved and to experience and exercise his or her right to live.

Other Families     Hundreds of thousands of adoptions take place in the United States and around the world every year.  These adoptions do no exclude infants with disabilities, deformities or illnesses, on the contrary, some families specifically seek out such infants who might be deemed “less desirable” in order to provide them with the special care and assistance they need.  In the United States there are several different types of adoptions such as open adoptions, closed adoptions,  gay adoption, and international adoption.  In these adoptions people of all races, cultures, religions, sexual orientation and ages have an opportunity to adopt a child/children and give them a home and a family.  This is an awesome alternative to terminating a pregnancy.

Loving the Smallest
    We know that the right to choose what happens to one’s own body is important.  However, we do not see abortion as a health care right to the mother alone, we see and recognize two lives in every pregnancy (more if there are more infants involved) and both lives should be taken care of.  Should a mother determine a pregnancy is unwanted; the right to exist is not automatically stripped from the child’s life.  That is a violation of the rights inalienable to every life.  Alternatives to abortion should always be sought.  Even the smallest among us deserves a voice, and deserves the right to live.

Pro Choice    Should a woman determine that abortion is her right and that she is willing to have her pregnancy terminated, she should not be disrespected or judged based on that choice.  We wish all women everywhere, happiness, health and love and while we stand passionately Pro-Life we want everyone to know their life is included in that.  Our passion for speaking our Pro-Life does not diminish our respect for those who oppose our beliefs, and should not hinder friendly inquiry, debate, and even criticism from Pro-Choice followers (yes we believe criticism can be healthy, it makes one think).


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